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Medicina-Resources is a complex of resources of science and technology, in this version of MedicinaResources we focus in high-level resources of health and continue education. This industry couldn't be alive without the financial support of AML Productions and Solarin Industries We recommend this two companies and we appreciate all the time that worked with us. Medicina-Resources is located in a small town in Santiago of Guatemala 15 Km of the central city, if you are thinking about to find us will be very tricky, though we are located in a huge complex. We remember the first time that talked about of MedicinaResources, yes! that was one year ago in the winter vacation, but this one was the first of all that was very large and we used a lot of time of 2016 but now, we can say the project is in 60% to finish out, but new Versions are coming soon! You are watching and surfing the Version 1.1 whether you missed the version 1.0 you missed nothing, but after two years maybe we love to remember those days when we surfing in the version 1.0

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We are so old that 17 years passed as fast! Solarin Industries it's the two of two financial support for MedicinaResources, Solarin Industries is a large industrial complex in high-level technology in health and pharmaceutic research. The complex is located just east of the freeway in the Doherty district of San Andreas. Its large reddish-brown brick building are easily spotted alongside the freeway, and it's two smokestacks are visible from a distance, a small office complex is also present in Dillimore.

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AML Productions it's the one of two financial support for MedicinaResources, you can find us on GitHub if you are interested to work with us, we always share our projects with people who love the innovation, and those who always are learning something new. We work with resources like science, technology and health. AML Productions also is located in a small town in Santiago of Guatemala 15kms of the central city, We can stay in touch! just send an email to us: